Waiting for the Bus { 99 images } Created 26 Mar 2010

I like to measure the pulse of a city by traveling on it's public transport. Buses are ubiquitous in urban regions, and their pick up points are the perfect place to people watch.

The bus stop structures determine the comfort and mood of the passengers. Seating helps, as does protection from the elements. Giant formaldehyde fruits, like those in Western Japan, lighten the mood still further. I stumbled upon these in an agricultural region with no other distinguishing features, a world away from the neon flashing LEDs of Tokyo.

Bus passengers' behaviour reflects that of the city in which they are located. Rush hour in Mumbai brings out sharp elbows, where only the fittest stand a chance of boarding. Contrast that with Kyoto's polite single file queues, and in particular a driver I witnessed who bowed down to his passengers as they alighted.

Bangkok's bus shelter's provide essential relief from the mid afternoon sun, while Norway's are angular and clean.

Pictures cover all corners of the globe including: Agra, Rajasthan and Mumbia in India, Rome, Belfast, Kingston in Jamaica, Canberra and Sydney in Australia, Sderot and Jerusalem in Israael, Istanbul in Turkey, Bangkok in Thailand, Ruatoria in New Zealand, Tallin in Estonia, Bratislava in Slovakia, London in England, Detroit and LA in USA, Tokyo and a quiet corner of Japan where I found the giant strawberry and other fruit utilised as bus stops.
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